Detailed review of ColorOS 11

Back in September 2020, OPPO presented its new ColorOS 11 shell, based on Android 11. In October, the first beta versions for flagships were launched. And since December the first stable builds for the global market appeared. In this article, we will conduct the most detailed review of ColorOS 11, on the example of smartphone OPPO Reno3 Pro.

I will talk in detail about all the innovations that have appeared with the release of ColorOS 11. The update came to my phone at the end of February 2021. I have in my hands the Reno 3 Pro 12/256 for the global market (firmware for the region of Ukraine).

You can follow the release schedule of the stable version of ColorOS 11 for your model on the official page at Twitter.

Overview of ColorOS 11 and Android 11 on the OPPO

Ниже будут расположены все изменения которые принесло новое обновление. Также статья разбита на 2 условных части: визуальная и техническая. В конце страницы будет наш видео-обзор.

Structure of the settings

ColorOS 11 detailed review

Changed the structure of settings. We added and removed some items. Some of these items were moved to submenus. Now the main settings look more logical.

Appearance of the notification curtain

OPPO Android 11 review

Изменена шторка уведомлений. Теперь часы, дата и погода отображаются на размытом прозрачном фоне. Из новых иконок здесь только режим суперэнергосбережения. Также можно изменять форму и цвет иконок. Делается это в меню Персонализации.

All applications menu

ColorOS 11 review in Russian

In the list of all apps, we removed the 4 predicted apps (that is, the ones we used most often) and added sorting across the entire menu:

  • by name;
  • installation date;
  • frequency of use

Также добавили возможность быстро делится APK файлом приложения. Это работает только со сторонними приложениями, со стандартными не работает.


ColorOS 11 changing application icons

Improved the functionality of the desktop:

  1. We made the layout more convenient. Now you can choose the number of rows and columns. Previously there were only two choices.
  2. Improved the principle of changing the application icons. Now there are more variations for customization.
  3. Added the ability to combine two folders with applications into one.
  4. Also, now you can delete a folder without having to manually drag and drop all the applications from the folder, and the applications from the folder will just appear on the same screen.


OPPO personalization

We have added a personalization menu. Here we have conveniently arranged all the elements responsible for setting up the visual part of OPPO smartphones.

  1. The first item is Themes. Menus for the global region are not relevant.
  2. Немного изменили выбор обоев: доступны статические и анимированные.
  3. AOD has been significantly improved. There are a lot of new settings to customize the always-on screen.
  4. In addition, the style of the icons and desktop layout are set in this menu.
  5. Стиль отпечатка пальца (если он в экране телефона) вынесли с пункта добавления отпечатков в меню персонализации. Новых анимаций не добавили.
  6. We have added the ability to change the color of icons for system elements. For example, this works on: notification panel icons, settings icons, and system app icons.
  7. Размер шрифта и настройка экрана остались те же, просто эту настройку вынесли в это меню.
  8. Появилась возможность смены формы для иконок на панели уведомлений.
  9. Added settings for incoming calls and notifications to the edge of the display.

New Always On Display

OPPO Always On Display

Always On Display, that is, Always On Display for models with AMOLED screen has improved significantly.

  1. Added 3 display options: Power Save, Scheduled, and All Day.
  2. All created topics are saved at the top of the list and you can easily switch between them
  3. Теперь можно создавать собственный шаблон для включенного экрана. Можно выбрать из множества настроек нужные и увидеть сразу какая будет готовая анимация.
  4. There is also the option of creating your own text inscription.
  5. There is an option to create a theme with your own image and text.
  6. Several types of digital and analog clocks were added to the classic options.

New Dark Mode

ColorOS 11 dark mode

The dimming mode has been significantly improved. They made the switch like in iOS. When you turn on a dark mode, its settings appear. They added three styles:

  • saturated (that is, completely black);
  • medium (slightly lighter);
  • faded (light gray) .

Added a setting where you can enable dimming for wallpaper and icons. There is an option to reduce contrast when night mode is enabled and support for third-party applications.

Improved screenshot and photo editor

Slightly improved built-in ability to create screenshots. The created screenshot can be quickly shared and make a long screenshot for a large page.

В фото редакторе добавили 3 шаблона для обрезки: квадрат, круг и свободное выделение. Также появилась функция быстрого перевода с помощью Объектива Гугл. Добавили больше настроек для редактирования картинок: обрезка, повороты, фильтры, мозаика, улучшение лица, новые стикеры, размытие и так далее.

Notification management

Color os 11 review

Added more settings for managing notifications:

  • Selects the types of icons to display.
  • We have added a notification log. This displays the entire list of notifications for the last 24 hours.
  • Also in beta test now is the ability to hide icons (network, battery, NFC, and so on)

Screen Broadcast

Улучшили встроенную возможность трансляции экрана. Теперь телефоны OPPO смогут транслировать изображение на большее количество моделей телевизоров. Ранее поддерживались в основном ТВ от Samsung. Также улучшилось качество сигнала, стало меньше обрывов и отставаний звука от картинки.

Floating windows

Improved the mini window, floating window, and split screen functions. More applications and system settings are now supported. When you close an application, it can immediately become a small or mini window.

You can also now drag and drop small chunks of text from any floating window without copying (from the browser to Telegram, for example). The calculator in the floating window is now much more convenient to use.

OPPO Relax

OPPO Relax

The relaxation app is now called O Relax. Its structure has been completely redesigned and many new features have been added.

  1. Added new background sounds, music and other backgrounds.
  2. Now you can create your own sound background with a variety of choices.
  3. There is a function of bursting bubbles.
  4. The "breathing" function has also been transferred to this app.
  5. They added an active color background with a melody.
  6. A foggy picture has appeared. It needs to be cleaned.
  7. There are several cities to explore. After downloading the data, some information about this or that city and their background sounds will be added.

Game Mode

In version 4.0, the games menu was redrawn. Now it looks a little different. Before launching a game, the memory is cleared much better than it was in ColorOS 7. No new features were added. In OPPO smartphones FPS is still limited to 60 frames.

Super Energy Saving Mode

OPPO Super Power Saving Mode

We added a new power saving mode. It takes us to a new stripped down version, without wallpaper, animations, etc. You can select up to 6 applications. A limited number of features are also available by options. Face recognition is turned off, fingerprint remains.

Power button control

In Android 11, it is now possible to add controls for the smart home system. That is, you press the power button, and on the left side of the screen appears the choice of action. In my case, for example, it is the control from Mi Home for the smart table lamp. In this way, you can simply set up buttons for quick control of smart home items.

Sound Amplifier

They added a sound amplifier app (like in iOS), which was available earlier on Android 10, but only now it has reached OPPO smartphones. It works with wired and wireless headphones. The app uses your smartphone to capture ambient sound, turning up the volume and then sending it to your headphones. It can be used as a hearing aid and to amplify sound.

Camera enhancements

ColorOS 11 camera setup

They added new camera modes (using my OPPO Reno 3 Pro as an example):

  • ExtraHD mode is now available. With the help of algorithms, a picture of 48 megapixels is converted into 108. In fact, there is less noise and clearer elements in the frame.
  • They added night shooting for video.
  • The Live HDR function is now available. In video mode, it records HDR video in real time with 10-bit color depth.
  • They made a smooth zoom for video, the so-called inertial scaling.
  • Changed the shooting mode of the film.
  • Added a setting for portrait photography. The AI makes the photo clearer and distortion-free.
  • They have added contamination detection on the lens to the settings.

Small changes

This item is a list of all the minor changes that have been added to ColorOS 11:

  • New system sounds: charging, screenshot, fingerprint unlocking, etc.
  • App icons appeared in the list of recent apps.
  • New animations for weather conditions. The structure of the weather display and operation has not changed.
  • Added the ability to share your Wi-Fi network password via QR code.
  • Connected headphones are now displayed in the notification menu and on the locked screen. Now you can quickly switch between playback modes.
  • We have added a night charging mode. The smartphone will analyze the time and duration of daily charges and use them to create a schedule of optimal night charging.
  • The player has added an HQ icon for music tracks with High Quality sound quality.
  • It is now possible to use 2 WiFi networks for signal acceleration. You can also now view Wi-Fi traffic.
  • Added quick access for Android Auto app features and settings.
  • There is an interesting feature of creating an abstract wallpaper from the color palette of any photo/screenshot.

Helpful information on upgrading

  • The system takes up 13.9gb (Android 11 + ColorOS 11).
  • The weight of the update, which comes by air, is 3.04gb.
  • You cannot uninstall system applications. You can only disable them via the PC.
  • On models with 4 and 6gb the system takes on average about 2.
  • The autonomy has improved dramatically.
  • The system itself now works more smoothly.
  • Completely cut out the theme store.
  • System cloning was cut out on the global stable version.
  • Gesture "Back" from the edge of the screen on the keyboard now does not work. You need to make the gesture above the keyboard edge.
What do you think of the new ColorOS 11 features?
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Video review

This concludes the text review. For a more detailed review we recommend to pay attention to the video above.

Yegor Borisov

Technoblogger, author of several websites. I write useful articles on setting up and optimizing OPPO smartphones and ColorOS shell for beginners.

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  1. Sergey

    How to pull contacts to the desktop for a quick call.
    Smartphone OPPO F7.
    Thank you.

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Add the desired contacts to your favorites. Then on the home screen, tap the caller icon and a menu with these contacts will appear. Tap and drag them to the desktop.

  2. Semyon

    OPPO A74
    I can not set the sound notification, in particular from incoming SMS.
    What, where should I turn on/off ?

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Everything is customizable in the notification and sound menu.

  3. Michael

    Oppo reno 5 lite no possibility to configure the AOD is cut. Neither a topic of its own can create anything.

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Try third-party AOD customization applications.

  4. Eugene

    All this is certainly good, but please tell me how to change the appearance of the clock on the lock screen. Well, I do not like the clock in a column.

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Only by changing the theme in the theme store.

  5. Oleg

    I have after the update stopped working the main camera (only the front and if the main and runs does not work properly. How to rollback or fix the error

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Try uninstalling or updating the camera version.

  6. andrey

    Hello Egor...maybe you can help me. Oppo Reno 10X zoom China...Wanted to change the System ColorOS Launcher on a third-party (Nova, ADW) but could not. I assume that it is not possible to do without root!

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Try this one instructions.

  7. Sergey

    Can you tell me how to set a default call to a contact with a specific SIM card?

  8. Inna

    Can you tell me how to change the clock on the lock screen without applying a third-party theme from the theme store?

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      It's not possible without a theme.

  9. Vlada

    I really like the new features. can you tell me if I understand correctly that the notifications on the side in circles are called "pop-up menus"?
    I once got this from a telegram conversation. I removed it because I didn't need the conversation in this form. but there are chats that I need to come in this form. I added such chats in Watsap/Telegram, but this kind of notification does not come

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Notifications and Status Bar - Management - Telegram - Popup Menu.

  10. Roman

    I personally don't like the Telegram mug on top of everything in the incoming notification, from which you can open the app's mini-window. I prefer the classic notifications from the curtain. I haven't found how to disable these mugs. Can you help me?

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      In the notification settings, select bodygram and there disable the notification format you don't want.

  11. Nikita

    How do I remove the weather from the notification curtain?

  12. Eugene

    However, in Oppo smartphones the lack of circular scrolling of the screen and the ability to swap desktops - I don't think any other manufacturer has such ugliness.... ((((

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Wrong. There are a lot of places that have it. Use a third-party launcher that has it.

  13. Michael

    There is only one question to ask: how to roll it back to a successful version, i.e. the last version.... I've been sitting on color os for a year and a half, and I've always put the update on without thinking twice. Now that's it, no, auto-update is off.

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Through the recovery.

  14. Julian

    Good evening !
    I have oppo Reno 3 pro 5G , and I have this problem - does not come update and I don't know why. Can you tell me what to do about it?

  15. Alexei

    Can you tell me if the audio recording of conversations will remain after the updates?

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      If it was on Android 10, it will remain.

  16. Michael

    Hello Egor! Tell me please, I heard that they removed from the settings store themes, it is connected that made the setting of icons on the desktop? Let's say I bought a phone ORRO, but I got used to the look of the desktop as on the IPS, on Xiaomi I now have so. Is it possible to do the same on ORRO phones? I am going to change my Xiaomi and now I have a choice between Reno 5 OTRO or Samsung A52. You can, of course, use the iOS Launcher from Market Play, but this stuff with ads does not suit anyone! What do you think? Thank you.

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      The theme store has been cut out, but it is re-installed with one click. Check out this video.

  17. Ivan

    Thanks for the successful review!
    Is there no comparison of shells from BBK brands - OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, Realme?

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      There is a comparison between ColorOS 7 and Realme UI 2.0 on my channel.