Disabling Google Assistant on your OPPO phone

All Android smartphones have Google Assistant. It is a personal robot that answers user questions and performs routine actions, such as setting an alarm, calling a specific caller, or sending a message. Despite its versatility, this tool can get in the way. Today, let's find out how to disable Google Assistant on your OPPO phone.

Pros and cons of the assistant

First, let's look at the pros and cons of Google Assistant. The advantages include:

  • Quickness. You can immediately access the information of interest by voice. There is no need to manually type the request.
  • Convenience. Ask the smart assistant to set an alarm or send a text message. You don't have to go to other apps and do things yourself.
  • Functionality. In addition to performing search queries, Assistant can tell tales and anecdotes, sing lullabies, and play games.


  • Random triggers.
  • Queries are not always recognized correctly.
  • Limited functionality in terms of smartphone control. The assistant cannot turn off or restart the mobile device.

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Why turn it off?

Google Assistant on Oppo may not work correctly. If you have virtual buttons enabled instead of gestures, a long press on the "Home" key brings up the assistant. The thing is, this button is easy to snag, and immediately the window with the assistant appears. If you still speak, the robot will consider it as a voice command and give you a search result.

The power button turns on the Google Assistant if you hold it down for a few seconds. This is also an inconvenience. And, of course, users want to turn off the Smart Assistant if they just don't use it.

How to disable Google Assistant on your OPPO

Let's find out how to disable the Google Assistant on OPPO. There are three simple and effective ways.

Voice Recognition

If you say the phrase "Okay, Google," the smart assistant is activated immediately. You can turn this function off. To do so:

  1. Go to "Manage Applications" - "Default Application".
    How to disable Google Assistant on the OPPO
  2. Open the "Assistant" item and click on the gear in the right corner.
    How to disable Google Assistant on the OPPO
  3. Go down to the "Voice Match" tab and turn off the slider "Ok Google". Confirm the selection. Done, now the helper will not start on your voice.
    How to disable Google Assistant on the OPPO

Triggering the power button

Don't want Assistant to start after long pressing the power button? Then open the "Handy tools" item in the settings. Deactivate the line "Call the Helper. Google by pressing the power button.. Done.
How to disable Google Assistant on the OPPO

Complete shutdown

The tool supports full shutdown. If you don't intend to use the smart assistant, follow the instructions below:

  1. In Google Browser, click the triple dot at the bottom of the screen. Open "Settings" - "Google Assistant.".
    How to disable Google Assistant on the OPPO
  2. Go to "General Settings". Turn off the slider next to "Google Assistant. Read the warning and click "Disconnect.".
    How to disable Google Assistant on the OPPO

Can I delete Google Assistant completely?

Полностью избавиться от интеллектуального помощника на OPPO нельзя, так как это системная программа. Вы можете отключить инструмент полностью, либо деактивировать некоторые функции. В ближайшее время на сайте выйдет статья на тему удаления предустановленных приложений.


Can I change the robot's voice?

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How do I put Alice instead of Google Assistant?

Now you know how to disable the Google Assistant in ColorOS. Write in the comments if you use the voice assistant, and if so, which one.

Yegor Borisov

Technoblogger, author of several websites. I write useful articles on setting up and optimizing OPPO smartphones and ColorOS shell for beginners.

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  1. rOMA

    Ktoś włąćzył mi w Oppo A15s Połączenie Alarmowe/podejrzewam ,że Asystent/ trochę z nim wojowałam. Na gorze ekranu mam polecenie:wprowadz kod PUK karty Sim2.Na ekranie jest tylko klawiatura a na samym dole Połaczenie alarmowe. Od początku,jak kupiłam ten telefon u Operatora Tmobile ,miałam z nim kłopoty.Teraz to już zdecydowany kłopot.Proszę co mogę zrobić ,by go jednak uruchomić. Dziękuję. Pozdrawiam.Roma.

  2. Ратмир

    Добрый день!
    телефон OPPO RENO 7 (android 13)
    1. Подскажите пожалуйста, как отключить новости от Гугл при пролистывании влево на рабочем столе ?
    2. Гугл ассистент выскакивает при выполнении жеста от нижнего правого края в сторону центра экрана на рабочем столе и пишет, что «Гугл ассистент готов помогать вам», в настройках отключил где есть возможность. Как в данном случае отключить?

  3. Eugene


    I bought a Reno 5 life, I do not see the usual as in the previous OPPO smart assistant, built-in pedometer, too, no. These features are not in this model? And I can not turn off google news, on the left side of the desktop. Thanks

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      You have the EU version. Google feed cannot be turned off, so there is no smart assistant with a pedometer.

  4. Ludmila

    The helper still pops up and asks you to turn it on

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      If you mean gesture. Try: Settings - Application Control - Default Applications - Digital Assistant - None.

  5. Michael

    Can you please tell me how to disable the side menu on the desktop where the news? Phone orro rino 6, os 11

    1. Yegor Borisov author

      Smart services - an intelligent assistant.